For more than 30 years, WJCS has been at the forefront of recognizing and addressing the psychological trauma caused by sexual abuse, domestic and community violence, and other life circumstances. The award-winning Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience, located in all WJCS clinic locations, is the premier trauma treatment center in Westchester County. The center was formerly named the Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse (TCTA). The center provides evidence-based treatment, community education, and related programming to help survivors heal from the traumatic impact of abuse and other forms of violence.

The Trager Lemp Center’s comprehensive outpatient programs are geared towards helping survivors of trauma and abuse and their families. The center provides targeted services for adult and child survivors of incest and child sex abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We also provide comprehensive treatment for families of children with problematic sexual behavior. 

Community education and training by WJCS experts fosters a trauma-informed system of care in schools, child-serving and mental health agencies throughout Westchester and within all WJCS programs. This system of care is sensitive to the trauma caused by abuse, violence, poverty and other adverse life experiences.

Programs in various WJCS departments promote healthy relationships throughout the lifespan and are designed to prevent violence and abuse.

Spanish-speaking staff is available at some sites.

Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience includes:

Related Programs include:

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Contact Liane Nelson, Ph.D., Director and Chief Psychologist, Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience
914-949-7699 x2475;

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