Child Care Home Program Featured in CLASP Tool Kit

Published Friday, June 22, 2012

 WJCS is proud to be recognized nationally for our innovative Child Care Home Program by CLASP, a well-respected national not-for-profit, which uses research and analysis to develop and advocate for federal, state and local policies to strengthen low-income families and create pathways to education and work. Our Child Care Home Program is featured on pages 35-39 of Home Away From Home: A Toolkit for Planning Home Visiting Partnerships with Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers, a toolkit newly released by CLASP to help to states exploring partnerships between home visiting and family, friend and neighbor (FFN) caregivers.

Understanding the tremendous opportunities to enrich the learning experiences of low-income children in the care of FFN caregivers, WJCS piloted the Child Care Home Program in 2006, modeled after the research proven WJCS Parent Child Home Program. Together, these WJCS initiatives have helped thousands of Westchester families prepare young children for school success by increasing language and literacy skills, enhancing social-emotional development and strengthening the all important parent-child relationship.

As WJCS celebrates the 40th anniversary of the WJCS Parent Child Home Program, we commit to continue our tradition of addressing the needs of communities and families in Westchester County with services that enhance and enrich their lives.

For further information, please contact Patrice Cuddy, Parent Child Home Program Director, at 914-949-7699 ext. 324 or 

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