We believe the below represents the overall value proposition of WJCS – belief in and respect for our clients – a recognition of their strength, resilience and courage in all that we do and the care we provide as WJCS helps them conquer life’s challenges and achieve their personal success. 

2014 Gala Video, features two programs, Jewish Programs Division "Pathways to Care" and Children, Youth & Families Division "Off the Street" After-School Academy Program in Mt. Vernon.

Shari tells the story of the loss of her husband and her healing, and that of her children, as a result of the bereavement services of WJCS Pathways to Care.

Lesly is a teen mentor at the WJCS Off the Street after-school program where she helps elementary school kids increase academic and social and emotional skills essential for success in school and throughout life. All the while, Lesly gains valuable work experience, maturity and focus. Shortly after this video, Lesly was accepted to college, the first in her family to go on to higher education.

2015 Gala Video, features two programs, Mental Health Clinic Services Division, "DBT Training" and Jewish Programs Division "Partners in Caring" program.

Marlyn shares her path from thoughts of suicide to recovery and resilience in reaching her personal goals through the skills she learned in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), a research-proven treatment utilized in all WJCS mental health clinical services.

After experiencing the trauma of the Valhalla Metro North train crash, Ari and his family find counsel and caring through the "Partners in Caring" program where WJCS has a clinician embedded at their synagogue.

2016 Gala Video, feature two programs, Youth Mental Health First Aid and Children, Youth & Families "Off the Street" After School Academy Program in Mt. Vernon

After losing her teenage son to an accidental overdose, Stephanie found a partner in WJCS to educate the community on the impact of drug use co-occurring with mental illness, and to promote mental health awareness through Youth Mental Health First Aid training, a program introduced to Westchester County by WJCS.

Ted was a volunteer and teen mentor in the Mt. Vernon "Off the Street" after school program, crediting this program for guiding him safely and productively through his high school years and keeping him off the streets and teaching him the skills he has taken through college and hopefully on to law school.

2017 Agency Video. This video demonstrates how WJCS is Westchester’s safety net to 20,000 people per year, helping to strengthen their lives and shape the futures they want for themselves; and features clients who have benefitted from multiple WJCS divisions…Jewish Programs, Community Mental Health Services and Services to Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled Individuals.

Briana, PCHP

Univision, PCHP

WJCS Parent-Child Home Program is a national early childhood literacy, parenting and school-readiness program. The evidence-based program effectively bridges the achievement gap between children from low-income families and their more economically advantaged peers through its unique focus on intensive home visiting.

Briana, now a social worker seeking to give back to her community is featured in the first video. And the Parent-Child Center, based on the successful PCHP model, serves a primarily Latino population in New Rochelle, building community and literacy skills in young children. 

Calyx, Center Lane TransParentcy

Calyx D., a transgender youth, and his parents are one of hundreds of families who turn to WJCS when there is no other place to go when facing challenging circumstances that left them feeling alone, overwhelmed and confused. Listen to their story of strength, love and success.

Gina, YPA

Take a minute to view this "home video" to meet Gina and hear, in her own words, how WJCS Young People Achieve has added value to her life and to Vanessa’s, her 18-month-old baby. Gina came to YPA through our school-based program when she was pregnant and continues to participate in the program.

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