Telehealth for Behavioral Health Services

WJCS is committed to offering its full array of behavioral health services via telehealth for persons with Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, Medicare, and some commercial insurance plans. Services include the full array of behavioral health services, from individual, family, and group therapy to psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management. 

What is telehealth? Telehealth is the use of technology to allow providers to remotely provide clients the same treatment that they would receive at their doctor’s office, but instead through video chat websites and applications. During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, state and federal authorities are allowing WJCS and other providers to also use telephone (voice only) communication as a form of telehealth. 

Why is telehealth useful? Telehealth services help address a number of health care challenges. Foremost, telehealth allows people to access treatment more easily, reducing travel time to their doctor’s office if they live far away from their providers, such as is the case when people live in rural areas. It can also help to reduce treatment disruptions, like those that might happen if someone has to temporarily relocate further away from their providers or if they experience a physical injury or transportation issue that makes traveling to their providers more difficult. Telehealth prevents clients from having to suddenly cancel their appointments with their providers if they have to stay home due to illness, child care, or other challenges. Finally, telehealth can help providers reach people whose behavioral health challenges make it difficult to access care, as is sometimes the case for people who struggle with extreme anxiety or depression. Telehealth offers hope to people who may have previously struggled to access mental health treatment. 

How does telehealth work? Typically what happens is a member of the WJCS team will contact you in advance of your session to establish whether your telehealth session will be conducted by video or by phone. He or she will confirm that you have access to a phone or computer and everything is in place for when your appointment is scheduled to happen. When it comes time for your appointment, your provider will either call you (if you are scheduled for a telephone-based session) or will meet you in a secure video chat (you would receive an email or text with a link to that video chat if you are scheduled for a video chat session).

How can you make the most of your telehealth session?  Click HERE for tips on how to make the most of your telehealth visit. 

Already a WJCS client and need to know how to start your video telehealth session with your provider? Click HERE for instructions on how to start your video telehealth session. 

Interested in receiving WJCS’ telehealth services? Please contact an admitting specialist at one of the following numbers: 

Call 914-423-4433, extension 3 (Yonkers) 

Call 914-949-7699 extension 4 (Hartsdale) 

Call 914-668-8938 extension 3 (Mt Vernon) 

Call 914-737-7338 extension 3 (Peekskill) 

For more information about telehealth services, 


Leslie Hernandez, Director of Admitting, (914) 737-7338 x 3119; [email protected] 1101 Main Street, Peekskill, NY, 10566 


Suzanne Delasho, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health Services, (914) 737-7338 x 3120; [email protected] 1101 Main Street, Peekskill, NY, 10566

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