Partner Abuse Intervention Program

The Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) is a component of the WJCS Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma and Promoting Resilience. The center utilizes research-proven treatment and services to help survivors heal from the trauma of abuse, violence and other adverse life experiences. Center programs and activities also are designed to prevent violence and aggression by adults and children.

PAIP provides trauma-informed supportive services and treatment for adults and child witnesses and survivors of domestic violence. Services are provided in all WJCS clinics locations and include individual and group counseling, therapy (including family therapy for survivors and their children), and victims of domestic violence.

Community education and training for professionals is offered countywide. Resources and referrals are available to legal services, court advocacy and emergency shelters.

Contact Liane Nelson, PhD, director and chief psychologist
914-949-7699 x475; [email protected] 


Sylvana Trabout, LCSW, assistant director
914-949-7699 x471; [email protected] 

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