Musical Inspiration from WJCS CEO Seth Diamond

Published Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Every Friday since Covid began, our CEO Seth Diamond has sent an email to our 700+-person staff, providing an update about all the ways WJCS has responded to meeting the needs of Westchester residents struggling during Covid.

In an agency as large as WJCS, which has 80+ programs and delivers services to 20,000 people who are addressing a vast range of challenges, Seth's emails have been a vitally important and inspiring way to stay up to date about the care WJCS is providing people of all ages and backgrounds. He has made certain that staff stay #WJCSproud, as each week he outlined the vital services we provided in areas relating to mental health, trauma, disabilities, child development, aging, LGBTQ+, and Jewish programming.

At the end of his weekly emails, Seth has provided a link to a musical video. The songs have been songs of celebration, humor, parody, prayer, resilience, community, and caring. We've all experienced many moods during Covid and each of these videos touched upon a different mood.

As 2020 draws to a close and we all harbor hopes for a happy and healthy 2021, we thought you might enjoy clicking on the links below to enjoy some entertaining inspiration. Happy New Year!


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