A Poem for the Pandemic

Published Monday, December 7, 2020

The Covid pandemic has affected each one of us. Our clients of all ages are expressing a range of emotions. One of the participants in the WJCS Shelanu program, a membership community for Jewish young adults, ages 18-35, with autism spectrum disorders, penned this poem. 

The emotion it expresses are ones many people can relate to. 


Pandemic, 9 months of heart 

break,lives lost of all ages 

Underlying conditions and not 

taking the virus seriously 

This new norm of life during 

COVID produces many 


Sadness frustration fear anger 


Moods can change from minute 

to minute 

I would love to have my normal 

life back 

Spreading love to my family, 

giving hugs 

But we can't 

I long for the day when I can be 

in my parent's arms again 

It hurts not being able to hug 


I am grateful I can snuggle with my boyfriend Mark and our dog 


Please be safe, protect yourself 

and your loved ones 


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