Family Activities During COVID-19

Published Wednesday, November 25, 2020

We're all looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Our amazing WJCS volunteers and donors have shared their favorite videos and free online resources for wellness, storytelling, art and science projects, and more to get you and your family through the holiday season during these difficult times!

Stay Zen with Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga: 

Do Yoga with Me: 

Yoga for Everyone: 

Family Friendly Yoga with Michele Frank: feVXcT0DGCraxYNQl2KF5fIaU9MBYIoJbSyGLOXqjjFtUUGMw-XuueU 


Food, Fitness, Health & Wellness 

Let’s get Cooking! ChopChop Kids Club: 

Meditation with WJCS OnTrackNY Program Director & Team Leader, Valerie Rosen: FOCUS ON BREATH  

Midday Move with WJCS OnTrackNY Program Director & Team Leader, Valerie Rosen:  

Orange Theory at Home: 

The 5-Minute Daily Stretching Routine: 


Storytime Under the Stars

The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald: 

“The Covid-19 Book for Kids” from our friends at UJA Northern Westchester: 

First Aid for Feelings: 

Story time with WJCS Board member Sarah Kayle:


Arts and Crafts

A Mel Bochner Art Project with WJCS Board member Nina Ross: 

Inspired by artist Mel Bochner’s “Thesaurus Series, this project explores the intersection of words and color. All you need is a piece of white paper or even notebook paper along with any writing utensil and a ruler. You can use crayons, markers, pens, pencils or any writing utensil! Watch the video for further step-by-step instructions about how to create this easy and fun project! 

A Joel Shapiro Art Project with WJCS volunteer Lucyna Shefter:

Inspired by artist Joel Shapiro, this art project involves the creation of a sculpture. You will need a piece of cardboard, a scissor, a pencil, a ruler and some tape. By the end of the video, you will have a completed sculpture or figure that you can display anywhere you like! 

A Yayoi Kusama Art Project with volunteer Lucyna Shefter: 

Inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama, this project will help you create a beautiful design filled with patterns and colors you like! All you need is a piece of blank white paper and colored pens or pencils. 

How to make a Paper Unicorn: 

How to Make Slime with WJCS Volunteers Lindsay and Emily: 

Mice Corner Bookmarks: 

16 Creative Drawing Hacks for Kids: 



Outdoor Adventure

10 Easy Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Quarantine: 

Dance Song for Kids: 

Bucket List: 

DIY Activities: 

Pinterest Inspired Activities for Kids: 


Science Fun

Vinegar Explosion: 

How to make Elephant Toothpaste for Kids: 

3 Awesome Ice Activities: 

5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids: 

Walking Water Science Experiment: 

Earth Science for Kids: 

5 Weather-Inspired Science Experiments: 

Fun Inspired Science:

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