WJCS Grant Awarded to Help Westchester Residents Struggling During the Pandemic

Published Thursday, November 19, 2020

In response to the overwhelming need for expanded social services and job training due to the coronavirus pandemic, UJA and several of its network partners have launched a multimillion-dollar anti-poverty initiative across New York to serve tens of thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers. The effort encompasses seven service locations, or “Hubs,” in Jewish Community Centers across the boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester. In Westchester county, UJA and Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS) launched the Westchester Hub with the introduction of the Upward-NY Initiative. This program offers comprehensive employment services, expanded mental health services, emergency cash assistance grants, and kosher home-delivered meals to those in need, including the elderly and Holocaust survivors. 

“We are grateful to Westchester Jewish Community Services for their partnership in opening the Westchester Hub and their invaluable work on behalf of the community,” said Eric S. Goldstein, CEO, UJA-Federation of New York. “Our goal is to go beyond helping people meet their basic needs and actually move people from crisis to stability, and we are thankful for all our partners in this effort who are truly the engine behind New York’s sustainable recovery.” 

“Westchester was the original epicenter of the pandemic and it has had a deep and tragic impact on our community. These services, which are provided through the generous support of the UJA Federation of New York, will allow us help our residents begin the healing process.” said Seth Diamond CEO of WJCS.

“Families have been dealing with unimaginable stress these past months. Stress for elderly parents, for their children and for the impact of Covid on the community. Many have suffered economic loss. Upward NY will allow us to help families in this difficult time,” added Sherry Birnbaum, Assistant Executive Director for the Center for Jewish programs at WJCS.

Through the Upward-NY Initiative, WJCS will offer critical services to those in need of assistance with:

Employment Services:

Clients will have access to individual career, social work, and financial counseling; as well as to workshops, groups and events that will provide critical skills, information and support to help job seekers launch an effective search. 

Mental Health Counseling:

The pandemic has affected every individual and family in Westchester. Many people are struggling with anxiety, depression, isolation, and general stress but do not have the resources to access mental health services. Support groups and counseling will be available to help those who qualify. 

Kosher Home-Delivered Meals:

Keeping our seniors safe and well-nourished is crucial, especially during a pandemic. Through the Upward-NY initiative, WJCS will provide meals to homebound seniors. 

WJCS has been here for the Westchester community since 1943. We are here for you now. If you or someone you know is dealing with employment instability, mental health concerns, or is need of a home- delivered meal due to COVID-19, please do reach out.

For Employment Services:                  Lisa Morris:  [email protected]
For Mental Health Services:                Sherry Birnbaum: [email protected]
For Kosher Home Delivered Meals:      Michael Goldman: [email protected]





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