Published Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Each quarter WJCS honors four outstanding staff members with Employee Recognition Awards. These are individuals who make us #WJCSProud. We are proud to be honoring these four highly deserving employees: 

Shanuard Chronicle 

The adult children of our clients at the Mt. Vernon Senior Day Program often go out of their way to express how much their parents love the program, and how much they adore and rely on Shanuard Chronicle. Shanuard’s official job at the Day Program is that of driver and custodian but there are so many other hats he has worn, including IT Specialist who can fix both hardware and software problems and Mediator when kitchen volunteers get into screaming arguments about politics. For the five and a half years that Shanaurd has worked at WJCS, he has proven himself to be its unshakeable core. When the Day Program closed its doors in March, due to the pandemic, Shanuard quickly adapted to the role of Coordinator of our Home-Delivered Kosher Meals Program. He now oversees operations which bring about 300 meals every week to our homebound seniors. Thanks to his vigilance, twice Shanaurd recognized when a client needed emergency care, thereby, saving their lives. One client went so far as to call Shanuard “the best hire WJCS ever made.”  

Tim Dudic 

Since joining WJCS in June 2018 as Senior Grants Manager, Tim has brought the Grants department to new levels in productivity and administrative efficiency. He is the consummate team player, leading with the best interest of the agency and working respectfully and effectively with Executive and program staff. The pace of output from the Grants department has increased significantly under Tim’s leadership. He has been a key partner in two rigorous federal grant applications and has taken the department systems a giant step forward by creating the first ever comprehensive tracking spreadsheet of both foundation grants and of state, county and legislative contracts and grants, a time-saving go-to resource. Tim is leading the effort to get the Grants Department fully engaged in tracking through the fundraising database system, Etapestry. This will allow, for the first time, a complete summary of all funding sources across any program in one report. Tim is a good strategic thinker and uses those skills to identify opportunities that are worth the investment of staff time, and those that aren’t. 

Wilhelminia Harris 

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Wilhelminia, Peer Wellness Coordinator at WJCS, has been tireless in her dedication to provide food and other essential items for our WJCS clients in Yonkers who are in need. The number of names on our list of individuals and families in need has kept growing yet Wilhelminia's concern, as she coordinates food deliveries and created a masterful system for collecting and distributing food and other items, is not her workload but that she be able to purchase enough milk, eggs, and produce to meet the needs of families in the community. The food deliveries have given families in our programs food they desperately need – and it has let WJCS stay connected with our clients at this critical time. In many cases, it opened the door for us to provide an individual session, or referrals to other services clients needed. The pandemic has lasted much longer than we expected. After months of delivering food, Wilhelminia's dedication to caraing for the community continues to inspire us. 

Carolyn Hooper 

Carolyn Hooper, a Direct Support Professional at Claudet Residence has worked at WJCS since 2009. Carolyn is terrifically devoted to her work and our residents and can be relied upon to be a team player and pitch in when we are short staffed. This was the case when we recently had one residence that was very short staffed due to illness from COVID-19. There was only one staff member there able to work and that person stayed around the clock. Carolyn stepped up and called to see how she could assist. She worked overnight shifts four days a week and two evening shifts per week. Carolyn's help made a huge difference as other employees were able to take a break and rest. We are so appreciative to Carolyn for going above and beyond...and then some!

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