Published Tuesday, June 16, 2020

BLACK LIVES MATTER: WJCS as an agency and we as individuals must say that loudly and frequently. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis is seared in our mind and is contrary to the values of justice, humanity and respect for our fellow citizens that we at WJCS believe in as an organization and each of us works to live up to each day. We recognize and voice our outrage that this is not an isolated event, and there have been many tragic losses of Black and Brown lives throughout our country. And of course these horrific events are compounded by the inequitable impact of the effects of COVID 19 on our communities of color, shining the harsh light of ‘truth’ on the layers of structural racism that exist today.

While we share in the pain,  it is the Black and Brown members of our community who are at the greatest risk and must face explicit and structural racism every day. As fellow citizens, all of us, including white members of the community, must listen, we must be respectful, and we must be active Allies in this fight for equal justice and opportunities. All of us who have benefitted from privilege must speak out to bring about a change for the evolution of a new America with equality and justice for all.

WJCS is deeply committed to providing support for the Black and Brown members of our community and improving the lives of those in need. These difficult times make the work we do at WJCS more important than ever. Our mission to deliver state-of-the-art, evidence-based mental health services and community supports to thousands of individuals facing a breadth of challenges, needs , and social/economic disadvantages has never been more important.  We pledge to redouble our efforts so that we can achieve a better and more just society. 

Time is a luxury we do not have. We must, as Martin Luther King has said, have the “fierce urgency of now” in the struggle. We at WJCS pledge to join with all members of our community to  confront racism now in all its forms, in all its places and at all times.


Mariquita Blumberg

Board President   

Seth Diamond 

Chief Executive Officer

Bernie Kimberg

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Lewen

Chief Development Officer

Beth Thompson

Co-Chair,  WJCS Undoing Racism Alliance

Kay Griffin

Co-Chair,  WJCS Undoing Racism Alliance



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