Family Advice for COVID-19

Published Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Parenting during the coronavirus pandemic has been extremely challenging for parents who feel stuck at home with their kids because of social isolation and the closing of schools and recreational activities. In response to the nervousness that parents have felt about staying home and balancing the responsibilities of making sure their children are doing the remote learning the schools are requiring, working at their own jobs from home and keeping their families healthy and well fed, WJCS mental health professionals, in collaboration with the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health, led a series of free weekly parenting support groups by Zoom. The series also included sessions devoted to teens who are struggling being home with their parents and having little contact with their friends.

Don't worry if you missed these workshops. Below are links to the previously recorded sessions led by WJCS professionals. We hope you find them helpful.

Workshop #1 - Parenting Through the Storm: One Breath at a Time

Workshop #2 - Parenting Through the Storm With Love


Workshop #3 - Parenting Through the Storm: One Step at a Time

Workshop #4 - Parenting Through the Storm: Here & Now


Workshop #5 - Mindful Parenting

Workshop #6 - Stuck at Home With Your Teen


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