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 Words of Welcome from CEO Seth Diamond

and Board President Mariquita Blumberg 

Thank you for joining us at our WJCS Virtual but Vital Gala. As you watch the faces in the video above, you can see why we are so grateful you are here. Westchester residents of all ages and backgrounds depend on us for help with trauma and other mental health challenges, intellectual and developmental disabilities, geriatric care, literacy, relationship violence prevention and education, support for LGBTQ+ youth, and so much more. We need your support.

Two people who have a deep understanding of and commitment to supporting the most vulnerable in Westchester are our Gala honorees. They are two outstanding individuals, Ellen Gelboim and Bob Mensch. Twenty years ago, Ellen helped create a Special Needs Seder at Beth El Synagogue Center in New Rochelle, bringing Jewish life to residents of group homes in Southern Westchester. It has become the highlight of the Havorah Program at WJCS. Twelve years ago, Bob Mensch saw the need for continued support for young adults on the autism spectrum, adults who were aging out of school services. Because of his leadership the POINT program was born and is a community of over 60 young adults with autism who are able to live independently and to be a part of a loving and embracing community. 

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The reason our work is vital and 

what you can do right now.




Great match opportunity!  


Board member Neil Sandler and his wife Wendy

have generously offered a dollar for dollar match

for every $5,000 raised in our Give for Good Auction, up to $25,000.  

Please support and help us unlock this $25,000 opportunity!




For some kids, childhood is tough. You can make it better. 

Provide 15 psychotherapy sessions to 

uninsured or under-insured kids for $2,500 




 Second-generation Holocaust Survivors have trauma too. 

  Provide group and individual support sessions to

Second Generation Holocaust Survivors for $1,000. 





LGBTQ+ Youth need a safe, supportive place. And each other. 

Fund four hours of support groups for LGBTQ teens for $500




Individuals with disabilities can be included in their community...

if we can drive them there. 

Help fund the purchase of a van for WJCS Group Homes for $180 





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 Introducing Our Honorees!


Ellen Gelboim

"Ellen is a force for justice, a symbolic exemplar for the values of WJCS. I am proud to introduce Ellen Gelboim, one of this year’s honorees, and a woman who embodies the very values of hope, optimism, and justice that are foundational to the sacred work of WJCS."

        To read Rabbi David Schuck's lntroduction of our honoree Ellen Gelboim,              please click here.



Bob Mensch  

"When Bobby makes up his mind and figures something out you can't stop him.... We are here tonight to honor him for vision backed by unrelenting determination to create a fulfilled life for the POINT program at WJCS."

 To read Peter Lehrer lntroduction of our honoree Bob Mensch, 

please click here. 

"Bob's an amazing partner, visionary, and advocate. He never focuses on why something can’t be done—his view is always about how obstacles can be cleared and how to build and move forward. It’s an honor to present him as our honoree for tonight, and an even greater honor to consider him a partner and friend."

 To read Marion Morgenthal's lntroduction of our honoree Bob Mensch, 

please click here.



WJCS Gala 2020 Tribute Journal



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