Helping All Children Be Ready for School

Published Thursday, July 11, 2019

Many people associate Westchester with affluence but, in fact, there are numerous cities and towns within our county where children and families suffer from poverty and homelessness. WJCS is committed to helping all Westchester residents and has numerous programs devoted to individuals of all ages who live in under-resourced communities. Parent Child Plus, Early Step Forward, Infant-Toddler Learning Center, and Wiener Academy for Young Women at the Mary J. Blige Center for Women are a few of those programs. 

One initiative we spearhead each year during the summer months is our WJCS Back to School Drive. With the help of people like you who generously make donations, WJCS is able to provide nearly 1,000 school children, from financially needy families, new backpacks and school supplies and an Old Navy gift card so they will feel prepared for a great start to the school year. 

Please consider donating to our back-to-school drive. Investing in the future of children can make a real difference in the life of our family and, ultimately, to our entire Westchester community.



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