Mental Health in Westchester

Published Thursday, May 30, 2019 9:00 am

We sat down with Westchester Commissioner of Mental Health Michael Orth this spring and discussed the many issues and problem-solving initiatives relating to mental health in our county. While there are many problems, it is encouraging to hear the numerous approaches and solutions Westchester is using to tackle mental health problems. Watch these videos to learn about what Westchester is doing about one of the biggest health challenges of our times.

How Westchester County Addresses Mental Health Challenges

The Importance of Mental Health First Aid

Michael Orth on Trauma Informed Care

OPIATE ADDICTION: Prevention, Early Intervention, and Education

Co-Occurring Disorders

Growing Awareness of Mental Health Issues Among Youth

Tech Innovations to Help Seniors in Westchester County

WJCS' Role in Helping Westchester Residents with Mental Health Challenges

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