Response to Thousand Oaks Shooting

Published Friday, November 9, 2018

We join the country in shock and sadness that in the course of two weeks we are once again facing a tragic and senseless loss of life in the Thousand Oaks, CA shooting at The Borderline yesterday. Our hearts are saddened for the families and friends of the victims.

Again we find ourselves challenged to find comfort for ourselves and our loved ones in the wake of these traumatic events.  Continued frightening news can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, vulnerability, anger, and sadness. As an agency with expertise in trauma, WJCS offers the following recommendations from our mental health professionals:

  • Take care of yourself. Stay calm and follow healthy habits. Eating well, sleeping well, and exercising can help you better manage stress and anxiety.
  • Make time to connect and talk. Sharing your feelings with others--whether it's with family, friends, or a mental health professional--can be very helpful. Be sure that children have the opportunity to share their feelings and be prepared to answer questions in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • Limit media exposure. Our 24/7 news cycle can be overwhelming during times of crisis.
  • Maintain normal routines. Following your regular schedule provides comfort and security.
  • Observe your family members' emotional states. Monitor their moods as well as sleeping and eating behaviors. Some may be open to articulating their fears while others emotionally disconnect or appear anxious without saying why.

If sadness persists, on your part or that of your love one’s, seek professional consultation Please remember if you need help from WJCS, we're here. Please contact Bernie Kimberg, WJCS Chief Operating Officer, at [email protected] (914) 761-0600 ext. 2213.


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