Published Tuesday, June 5, 2018

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of WJCS in 2018, we asked WJCS staff to share the reasons they love working here. Their responses—highlighting the teamwork, leadership, professionalism, dedication, and commitment that characterize WJCS employees and the important mission of the organization—make us #WJCSproud.

  1. I love WJCS because of the caring and dedication of the staff in helping make the Westchester community a better place for its population.
  2. I love WJCS because my supervisors balance compassion and efficiency.
  3. WJCS, first and foremost, focuses on the needs of the people in our community. It is so clearly a priority. Sure, the other stuff has to fall into place (funding, staffing, space, politics etc.) but if there is a human need in the community, WJCS staff, board and volunteers will make sure to find a way to address it effectively.
  4. I love WJCS because the people who work here are knowledgeable and dedicated, and make me proud to serve on the board.
  5. The incredible dedication and caring of the staff!
  6. WE CARE and We Make a Difference!
  7. The #1 reason why I love WJCS is the pride we all feel in the outstanding work we do.
  8. I love WJCS because of the QUALITY OF PEOPLE who work here. I have never worked anywhere before where there was such consistent professionalism, high standard of care, commitment to the work, and generosity toward colleagues. I tried working for the other big agencies in Westchester, and WJCS was so clearly the best, it made my choice easy!
  9. WJCS has a broad reach that crosses color, gender and religious lines. The agency strives to promote good will throughout all of the communities it serves.
  10. WJCS is a very professional and attention to detail agency that works very hard to offer the best services to its customers, members, clients with compassion and care.
  11. This is an agency where we never forget why we do what we do, for whom we do it, and HOW we do it…with full hearts, excellence, respect and dignity. I’m #WJCS Proud to work within that mantra every day.
  12. What I love about WJCS is the staff that I work with who are caring, sensitive and responsive to the needs of our clients. Collaboration is key to the work we do and here at WJCS this is clearly evident that we collaborate with each other and outside agencies to do what's needed for our clients and their families. I also love the team work in our settings which is keystone for us to learn from each other and appreciate our role and function in serving our clients.
  13. WJCS has the ability to have quality staff to provide exceptional services to our clients and families. I am grateful to be a part of the WJCS family.
  14. WJCS is a truly special and unique organization. The level of care and response to the needs of the Westchester community is unparalleled. WJCS has an extraordinary staff with the most caring, concerned and professional individuals.
  15. WJCS feels like a second family.
  16. I love WJCS because compassion and the mission to deliver outstanding care are key to the organizations DNA and are values demonstrated each and every day.
  17. Working at WJCS affords me the opportunity to have a better understanding to appreciate the behaviors, right and benefits of the mentally challenged population.
  18. WJCS gives me the ability to do good work throughout the county.
  19. I love the warmth and passion that is given to the individuals, the services that are available to the community and the ways in which appreciation is extended to the employees.
  20. I love working with WJCS to help the individuals we served become more independent, and to let the community at large know that they are more like us and deserved to be treated the same.
  21. WJCS allows me to care for the individual.
  22. I love WJCS because of the individuals we serve; it is my passion to work and support them for a better future.
  23. I love WJCS because of the care and support that is given to the individuals.
  24. I love the opportunity that WJCS has given me to support the individuals.
  25. I love being a member of the WJCS staff. It gives me great pleasure to work with the individuals they serve.
  26. I love that WJCS provides a wide range of services to people of all ages who are facing difficult challenges. The care and compassion shown is tremendous and I love it!
  27. WJCS is a great organization that provides a wide variety of services to the county and community that makes me proud to be a part of it.
  28. I love WJCS for the care and attention given to the individuals.
  29. I love WJCS because I am inspired by my colleagues.
  30. I love WJCS because it gives me the opportunity to touch lives.
  31. I love WJCS because we have training opportunities through the institute.
  32. I love WJCS because we work with people for their entire life.
  33. I love WJCS because we always strive to improve and are committed to providing the best care.
  34. I love WJCS because we feel supported by supervisors and administrators.
  35. I love WJCS because it is a warm wonderful caring place and as a family we all realize that Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it. I LOVE MY W J C S FAMILY!
  36. I enjoy people and the diversity of it all. I feel I am valued, trusted and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. Each day I am presented with new challenges and appreciate the opportunity to be as creative as I can.
  37. I love the support, the dedication to our clients, the ongoing opportunities for staff development, and the camaraderie and professionalism at WJCS.
  38. I love that WJCS is committed to clinician education on evidence-based practices, which helps us to continue to grow and improve in the services we provide. Also, the people are supportive and great!
  39. I love working at WJCS because of the camaraderie that I share with my co-workers. I also appreciate the opportunity to see change and growth in my clients.
  40. To a degree I have not seen anywhere else like WJCS who shows the highest caliber of all to help the people and communities we serve. I am so proud to part of WJCS as a result.
  41. WJCS provides a caring and supportive environment for us to give effective and compassionate help to our clients.
  42. Overall, I love WJCS because the energy here is so inviting and positive. Everyone here is treated with kindness and understanding. No voice goes unheard and it makes work here very pleasant.
  43. I love WJCS because it has been a warm, supportive, and fun place to learn about doing clinical work with a unique population.
  44. I love WJCS because the staff and employees create a welcoming environment where every person feels valued.
  45. I love WJCS for all the learning that I am experiencing in a warm and nurturing environment.
  46. I love working at WJCS because of all the positive support I received from all my co-workers. Also, I love the professionalism which characterizes us.
  47. I love WJCS because the people here are wonderful, caring, intelligent, and dedicated.
  48. I love WJCS because all of my co-workers care deeply about our clients.
  49. I love WJCS because of the people. My experience is that the clinicians here are incredibly warm, hardworking, thoughtful and curious, and also most importantly: humble. I feel I can knock on anyone’s door for help or support.
  50. The people at this agency are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.
  51. This is a professional and welcoming environment. It is an enjoyable experience to work in a place where everyone is dedicated to the clients and cooperative with staff / colleagues.
  52. My co-workers became family and I feel appreciated.
  53. I love WJCS because it is an organization with a huge heart.
  54. I love being able to help support parents that have children with social /emotional issues. I have walked their walk and know how important it is to have a shoulder to lean on. I came to WJCS with my own experiences of advocating for my child, however WJCS has helped me “fine-tune” my skills. I have been here for 14 years and can say I still love my job. Not many people can say that!!!
  55. I love working at WJCS because of my supportive team, the work we do and my ability to grow.
  56. WJCS staff are caring, hardworking, committed and friendly people. It’s a joy to work here.
  57. WJCS management shows appreciation to staff through excellent benefits, agency picnic and fun themed events!
  58. We have a very culturally diverse staff!
  59. I love WJCS because I am proud of the work we do every day to help Westchester residents in need. We have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life, which can be so rewarding. I love WJCS because of our incredible, dedicated staff who are my colleagues and friends.
  60. I love WJCS for the wonderful services that we offer and the amazing people I work with. Everyone is so dedicated to bettering our community.
  61. I work with the absolute best team and we support each other in a way I’ve never experienced before.
  62. I love all my wonderful colleagues!
  63. WJCS affords me the unique opportunity to work in a caring, compassionate and fun work environment, while being of service to the greater community and giving back!
  64. Because it offers a great group of people to work with in our division.
  65. I love the people I work with; they are my daytime family!
  66. I love WJCS for its optimism and mission to help all.
  67. My co-workers care for me as much as they care for our clients!
  68. I love WJCS because I’m always proud of our reputation in the community for delivering great services and programs.
  69. I love WJCS because I know we’re giving kids a chance for a brighter future.
  70. I love WJCS because it is a company that treats both clients and employees with respect.
  71. I love WJCS because our work gives people hope.
  72. I love WJCS because we have a very “family” kind of culture…very open and friendly and caring.
  73. I’ve worked at WJCS longer than any other job I’ve had…that says it all!
  74. My coworkers care about me and about the people we help.
  75. We “work hard, have fun and raise the bar!!!”

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