ACS Graduate's New Diploma Opens New Doors

Published Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Miriam Ramos has just become the eighth graduate of the WJCS Academic and Career Support program and the proud owner of a high school equivalency diploma. That’s no small feat. As the mother of three young children, two with special needs, a native Spanish speaker, and working as lead server in a local restaurant, the odds against her success seemed insurmountable. However, Miriam was determined to overcome any challenges – just as she had in adjusting to life in the US after migrating from Mexico in 2000.

Miriam’s ability to thrive quickly in the ASC program, which prepares adults to take the high school equivalency test, was identified early on. She applied herself to the task and took advantage of the case management services the program provides in order to manage her other needs.

Now Miriam is considering all the options open to her by having her diploma. Her next goal is to take the test to become a US citizen. She intends to attend college but is still deciding whether to become a restaurant manager or even open her own restaurant. In any case, she feels equipped for either choice and is especially appreciative of the help she received from the Yonkers-based Academic and Career Support program. ACS is supported by the Westchester Community Foundation





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