Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

What is IOP? 

WJCS’s Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services are offered at WJCS’s four Family Mental Health Clinics. The IOP is a six-week program that follows a set curriculum, consisting of three days a week of Wellness/Recovery and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) groups that focus on learning skills to stabilize, manage distress, manage emotions, and improve interpersonal effectiveness. IOP also allows for an increased frequency of individual therapy appointments – up to four times a week – and as-needed appointments for psychiatry and care management.

Who is IOP for?

WJCS’ IOP provides a time-limited intensive structure for individuals who wish to jump start their treatment or have symptoms of significant intensity or severity for whom once a week individual psychotherapy would not be sufficient. WJCS’ IOP is well suited to individuals who need added support or structure for a limited period of time, who wish to see treatment benefits more quickly, or who hope to address worsening symptoms that might otherwise lead to psychiatric hospitalization.

When appropriate, the IOP is recommended for people new to WJCS mental health treatment, so they can quickly learn coping skills and add structure to their days. Other people might be referred to the IOP after a period of treatment in the general clinic, to help them get back on track if their symptoms worsen.

Does IOP help?

 Intensive Outpatient treatment is an effective, time-limited, treatment.  Group DBT skills training alone, as research validates, helps people make significant and meaningful changes in their lives and provides an ideal basis for intensive treatment. Outcome data from WJCS's IOP program indicate that IOP participants report finding the program helpful and having a positive experience. WJCS tracks individual outcomes using evidence-based assessments, and those who completed the IOP frequently showed significant improvement.

Does my insurance cover IOP? 

Medicaid/managed care and self-pay are always accepted for IOP. Some private insurance plans cover IOP as well; please inquire about specific coverage for non-Medicaid insurance. If WJCS is an out-of-network provider for your insurance carrier, WJCS will give you invoices to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement as allowable within your coverage.

To enroll or find out if IOP is currently available at a specific clinic, please contact:

  • Yonkers: 914-423-4433x31
  • Peekskill: 914-737-7338 x19
  • Mt Vernon: 914- 668-8938 x32
  • Hartsdale: 914-949-7699 x414

For more information about WJCS IOP services, contact: Rachel Held, Ph.D. WJCS IOP coordinator and supervising psychologist; 914-423-4433 x13; [email protected]


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