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Treatment Center for Trauma & Abuse

Programs and services help victims heal from the trauma of abuse and prevent violent and aggressive acts by children and adults

Established in response to the growing need for services that address violence and abuse in our families and communities, the TREATMENT CENTER FOR TRAUMA AND ABUSE (TCTA) programs are geared toward preventing violent and aggressive acts by children and adults and helping to heal the trauma of victims. Staff also supervises Fordham University post-graduate interns specializing in treatment of trauma. Presentations and consultations educate Westchester professionals and the general public about the importance of recognizing, preventing and treating child sexual abuse, domestic violence and trauma. Spanish speaking staff is available in several programs.
Programs include:

    The CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE TREATMENT Program (CSAT): an award-winning program that utilizes a comprehensive team approach to deal with the problems of incest and child sexual abuse.   Individual, family and group counseling is offered to child victims, non-offending parents, offenders and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Services are provided county-wide through the Hartsdale, Yonkers, Yonkers DSS, Mount Vernon and Peekskill offices.

Through presentations and consultations, the highly skilled staff educates Westchester professionals and the general public about the importance of recognizing, preventing and treating child sexual abuse. The staff also supervises Fordham University post-graduate interns specializing in treatment of trauma. 

Contact:  Sylvana Trabout, LCSW, Assistant Director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse
Phone: 914-949-7699  ext. 471   E-mail:

    FAMILY MATTERS CASE MANAGEMENT / SAFETY NET serves children who are seriously emotionally disabled. Community-based services are provided and include advocacy, crisis work, recreation, referral, collaboration and case management. A special component of the program is SAFETY NET which encompasses all the above services and is directed to children who are exhibiting risky behaviors, fire-setting concerns and youth who are sexually reactive/aggressive and/or have been sexually abused.        

Contact:  Carolyn Murphy, Director, Family Matters 
Phone: 914-237-6089   E-mail:

      JUVENILES STARTING OVER (formerly the Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment Program) provides Risk Assessment Evaluations to assist the Family Court in disposition planning for adjudicated juvenile sexual offenders and offers an intensive community-based treatment program for youth mandated into treatment. To view a copy of the Juveniles Starting Over brochure, click here.

Contact: Kathryn Hickman, PhD, Coordinator, Juveniles Starting Over
Phone: 914-949-7699  ext 470 

     LONG TERM COUNSELING FOR ADULT SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT is also offered. Individual and group treatment and psychiatric support is provided by specialized clinicians experienced in dealing with trauma. 

Contact: Sylvana Trabout, LCSW, Assistant Director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse
Phone: 914-949-7699  ext 471   E-mail:

      PARTNER ABUSE INTERVENTION PROGRAM (PAIP): coordinated from the Hartsdale office and operating agency-wide, tracks cases where domestic abuse is a factor and provides consultation to clinicians and professional staff.  

After a crisis of abuse, many survivors benefit from long-term trauma-specific treatment. PAIP provides such treatment for adults and child witnesses to domestic violence. Services are offered to clients in the Hartsdale and Peekskill offices and include individual and group counseling, therapy (including family therapy for survivors and their children), and advocacy for battered women.

Community education and training for professionals is offered county-wide. Resources and referrals are available to legal services, court advocacy and emergency shelters. PAIP also provides assistance to Jewish individuals and participates on the UJA-Federation Task Force on Family Violence. 

Contact: Sylvana Trabout, LCSW,  Assistant Director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse
Phone: 914-949-7699, ext 471    E-mail:

      Domestic abuse, a pattern of coercive tactics which can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic, and emotional abuse, perpetrated by one person against an adult intimate partner with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control over the victim, is as prevalent in Jewish homes as in the general population. Maintaining the value of Shalom Bayit (peace in the home), Jewish women tend to stay in the abusive relationship longer - 7 to 8 years as opposed to 5 years for the general population - and are reluctant to face the stigma associated with domestic abuse. For Jewish families affected by domestic violence, Shalom At Home offers:

     *Counseling for adults and children affected by family violence 
     *Support groups for women and adolescents who have been abused by intimate partners 
     *Information and referral to legal services and shelters.

The program also offers community outreach and education as well as training for professionals from other institutions. Shalom at Home is funded by the Margery Price Endowment Fund and with support from the Jewish Women's Foundation.

Contact: Sylvana Trabout, LCSW, Assistant Director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse
Phone: 914-949-7699 x471   E-mail:

The Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse provides a series of trauma-informed preventative educational workshops and comprehensive supports for women and their young children who live in Mt. Vernon and are affected by domestic violence. WJCS is appreciative of funding from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Child and Family Trust Fund. 

Contact: Ayanna Green at 914-949-7699 x400  Email:

For general information about the Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse, contact:
Dr. Liane Nelson, PhD, Director
914-949-7699 x475  E-mail: