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Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Caring homes in community settings enable individuals to achieve their highest potential

As part of the WJCS comprehensive continuum of care for people with developmental disabilities, WJCS operates 13 residences and 1 supportive apartment, offering home-like, professionally supervised environments.  A wide range of needs is met through intensively staffed Intermediate Care Facilities, moderately staffed Individualized Residential Alternatives and minimally supervised Supportive Apartments.  All residences are situated in neighborhoods that allow individuals to become fully integrated into community life.

Within the homes, each person has an individualized program to meet specialized needs and interests. The residential and clinical staff assist individuals to learn daily living skills and to be as independent as possible. In addition, each person participates in a day program activity or is employed to promote a sense of self-worth and productivity. Individuals are also helped to connect to their religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

                                            CHAI HOUSE
With grant funding from UJA-Federation of New York, WJCS completed a survey to identify Jewish individuals who are developmentally disabled sought residential care in a Jewish group home. As a result, WJCS identified and assessed 6 young adults to reside in a Kosher group home.   Chai House opened in early 2009 to serve the adaptive, medical, social and spiritual needs of these individuals. The home, supported in part by private funds, includes staffing by a Jewish Enrichment Specialist who helps residents integrate into their community and take advantage of cultural and spiritual opportunities.

For information about all residential services contact:
Janet Alpert, MA, Director of Residential Services
Phone: 761-0600 ext. 128  E-mail:  

POINT Program

This program provides supports to young adults with special needs to permit them to live independently in the community. The agency helps to provide oversight as well as recreational, vocational and social support.  Learn more

Contact: Barbara Greene, MPH, POINT Program Director
Phone: 914-761-0600 ext 175  E-mail: