Mental Health

Services in home and community based settings that address emotional and behavioral challenges


  • CLINIC SERVICES - services in clinics and community based settings that help children and
    families address mental health, behavioral and emotional issues. Specialty services include
    Programs of the Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse:
         •Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Center, assisting children affected by sexual violence
         •The Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment Program.
  • FAMILY MATTERS / FAMILY MATTERS CASE MANAGEMENT / FAMILY MATTERS WAIVER / SAFETY NET-intensive mobile services for at-risk youth with serious emotional and behavioral issues
  • EARLY STEP FORWARD - BUILDING BEGINNINGS, an early childhood, mental health project in Yonkers providing on-site and in-home mental health and related supports and early intervention services for children from infancy through age 4 who are attending eligible Head Start or early childhood programs.
  • SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL WELLNESS SCREENINGS - free, confidential, early recognition and intervention screenings for youngsters age 3 - 18 aimed to identify children who have emotional needs that can affect how well they do in school and their ability to get along with friends and family.

For WJCS Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents, contact:

Patricia Lemp, LCSW, Assistant Executive Director, Clinic-Based Services
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 207  E-mail:

Amy Siniscalchi, Assistant Executive Director, Children, Youth and Family Services
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 137  E-mail:

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