Mental Health Clinics

Providing mental health counseling, crisis intervention and specialty services in clinic-based setting

WJCS operates New York State licensed clinics and satellites in the county. Behavioral health services are provided to people of all ages, socio-economic and demographic backgrounds. A professional staff of social workers and educational therapists, psychologists, adult and child psychiatrists work as a team to ensure coordinated client care. Individual, family and group psychotherapy is offered for children and adults. Supervised medication evaluation and management is available. 

Several clinics offer Dialectical Behavioral Therapy treatment and/or skills groups to help individuals reduce and cope with intense emotions and difficult-to-manage behaviors. WJCS also provides free Social & Emotional Wellness Screenings, confidential, early recognition and intervention screenings for youngsters age 3 - 18 aimed to identify children who have emotional needs that can affect how well they do in school and their ability to get along with friends and family. Spanish speaking staff is available at several sites.

WJCS’ Wellness Program
Our Wellness Program focuses on hope and recovery. It starts with the premise that our clients are more than just their diagnoses – that their mental health concerns are just one part of who they are, but not the totality. It asks both the clients and the clinicians to celebrate the strengths that our clients have and then use those strengths to move from a place of darkness into a place that has possibilities, connection, hope, functioning, joy. Through the groups, clients get the opportunity to connect with others who have lived through what they’ve been through, who understand the experience and who are willing to join with them in their journey of recovery.

As a designated Comprehensive Outpatient Services (COPS) provider, WJCS is a member agency of a county-wide service network. Individuals who are seriously mentally ill are treated on a priority basis. WJCS also serves homeless individuals and crime victims.

To monitor services in the FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH CLINICS, client satisfaction surveys are administered and a culturally and ethnically diverse Consumer Advisory Committee provides input into program development, implementation and review.

Clinic sites:

Hartsdale Family Mental Health Center
141 North Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530
Contact: John Alterman
914-949-7699, ext. 474;
(DBT treatment available)

Hudson Valley Community Services (HVCS) Clinic Satellite
40 Saw Mill River Road
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Contact: Rachel Ginsburg, LMSW, Coordinator

Mount Vernon Family Mental Health Clinic
6 Gramatan Avenue
Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
Contact: Ann Brammer
914- 668-8938, ext. 304;
(DBT treatment available)

Peekskill Family Mental Health Clinic
1101 Main Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
Contact: Suzanne DeLasho
914-737-7338, ext. 20;
(DBT treatment available)

Yonkers Family Mental Health Clinic
487 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10705
      Bi-Lingual Spanish/English staff available
Contact:  Director Aaron Newman 
914-423-4433, ext. 13;   or
               Associate Director Alissa Baalbaki
914-423-4433, ext. 24;

Yonkers DSS Satellite
for clients referred by Yonkers Department of Social Services staff only.
      Bi-Lingual Spanish/English staff available
Located in the Yonkers DSS Building, 1st floor, rooms 3,4 & 102
Contact: Carolina Escobar, Program Coordinator

For information about Mental Health clinic services,
Contact: Patricia Lemp, LCSW, Asst. Exec. Director, Clinic-Based Services
Phone: 761-0600 ext 207; E-mail:

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