Juvenile Justice Services

Working with the judicial system to reduce problematic behaviors and create positive alternatives for young people

LINKAGES (New Rochelle Juvenile Justice Program) serving youth in New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon and Pelham, a coordinated mental health/juvenile justice model program that brings together the DCMH and the Department of Probation.  The program is based in the New Rochelle Family Courthouse and aims to reduce institutional placement, improve support to families and provide early assessment and treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems.  

JUVENILES STARTING OVER (formerly the JUVENILE SEXUAL OFFENDER TREATMENT PROGRAM) providing Risk Assessment Evaluations to assist the Family Court in disposition planning for adjudicated juvenile sexual offenders and offering  intensive community-based treatment program for youth mandated into treatment.

For Information regarding WJCS Juvenile Justice Programs for Children and Adolescents, contact:

Linda Breton, LCSW, MPA, Assistant Executive Director, Community-Based Services 
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 211  E-mail:  lbreton@wjcs.com

Patricia Lemp, LCSW, Assistant Executive Director, Clinic-Based Services
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 207  E-mail:  plemp@wjcs.com


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