Executive Staff


Alan Trager, LCSW, chief executive officer
Bernard Kimberg, LCSW, chief operating officer
Margarita Munoz, MD, medical director
Debra Feldman, BS, CPA, chief financial officer

Jeffrey Apotheker, PhD, compliance officer and director, quality improvement
Milagros Rivera, MBA, director, human resources
Liane Nelson, PhD, chief psychologist; director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse
Jan Fisher, BS, director, government, foundation and agency relations
Mary Grace Giuliano, LMSW, assistant executive director, community programs
Clive Mascarenhas, director, information services
Patricia Lemp, LCSW, assistant executive director, clinic-based services
Susan Lewen, BA, chief development officer
Shannon Van Loon, M.Ed, assistant executive director, children, youth and family services

Sheila Rabideau, RN, assistant executive director, home health services

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