Abuse & Violence Prevention Services

Helping victims heal from the trauma of abuse and working to prevent acts of violence

Combining a range of programs, primarily under the renowned Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse, WJCS works to prevent violent and aggressive acts by children and adults and to help victims heal from the traumas of abuse.  Specialized programs address the issues of child sexual abuse, adult survivors of sexual assault, relationship abuse and domestic violence in the Jewish community.

Under the Family Matters Safety Net program, intensive services are provided for youth at-risk for sexually agressive behavior.     

Supports in schools for children affected by abuse in families, relationships and communities is offered by Margaret's Place, a partnership with the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation. 

The Second Step program offers an evidence-based social skills development and violence prevention model which is implements in select WJCS school-based sites, after-school programs and early childhood settings. 

"Impact Domestic Violence" collaborates with the White Plains Police Department to utilize domestic violence specialists from the Police Department in conjunction with counselors from the WJCS Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse to intervene with families and reduce the impact of domestic violence on children.

For information about Abuse and Violence Prevention Services, contact:
Dr. Liane Nelson, Director, Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse 
Phone: 914-949-7699  ext 375   E-mail:  lnelson@wjcs.com

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