Linkages, Juvenile Justice Program

Linkages is a component of the Trager Lemp Center: Treating Trauma and Promoting Resilience. The center utilizes research-proven treatment and services to help survivors heal from the trauma of abuse, violence and other adverse life experiences. Center programs and activities also are designed to prevent violence and aggression by adults and children.

Creating positive alternatives for youth involved in the probation system, Linkages aims to reduce institutional placement, improve support to families and provide early assessment and treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems. Linkages, based in the New Rochelle Family Courthouse, is a coordinated mental health/juvenile justice model program that works in collaboration with the Department of Probation and serves youth and families in New Rochelle, Mount Vernon and Pelham.

Contact: Suzanne Doll, LMSW, Director, Linkage and Youth Success,; (914) 995-4687


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