Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)

Promoting early learning and parenting skills for low-income families

The PARENT-CHILD HOME PROGRAM (PCHP), provides under-resourced families with the necessary tools to ensure their children achieve their greatest potential in school and in life. Since 1972, PCHP has been assisting underserved communities in replicating and expanding this proven school readiness program that builds early parent-child verbal interaction and learning at home. Through twice-weekly visits by highly trained community-based early literacy specialists, PCHP provides families the skills, materials (books and educational toys), and support to help parents engage and teach their children. Almost 50 years of research shows that the program effectively increases school readiness, decreases the need for special education services before grade 3 by 50%, and increases participants' high school graduation rates by over 30% - to the same level as their middle income peers. clientuploads/_photos/PCHPMom+Son.jpg PCHP promotes the joy of learning and serves families with children, aged 16 months to 4 years, in White Plains, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Mamaroneck, Mt. Vernon and Greenburgh.

The PARENT-CHILD CENTER (PCC) in New Rochelle is a free drop-in playgroup for parents and their pre-school aged children. PCC serves families challenged by poverty, low levels of education, language barriers and other obstacles to educational success. Parents and children participate together in this center-based program housed at St. Gabriel's School, New Rochelle, New York. Early childhood play activities, parent education, family literacy and community referrals are provided. The Center is open September through June and a summer extension program meets at community parks. 

The CHILD CARE HOME PROGRAM (CCHP) modeled after the research-proven Parent-Child Home Program began in 2007 to provide professional development and support to family childcare providers in their role of preparing young children for school success. CCHP increases the quality of early childhood educational experiences of children in family child care to ensure that they enter school ready to learn. This innovative program has been recognized by CLASP, a well-respected national not-for-profit, which uses research and analysis to develop and advocate for federal, state and local policies to strengthen low-income families and create pathways to education clientuploads/_photos/PCHPHome.jpgand work. CCHP is featured on pages 35-39 of Home Away From Home: A Toolkit for Planning Home Visiting Partnerships with Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers, a toolkit newly released by CLASP to help to states exploring partnerships between home visiting and family, friend and neighbor (FFN) caregivers.

EARLY CHILDHOOD MATTERS! is a public awareness campaign
sponsored by the Parent-Child Home Program that is focused on mobilizing the community through education and team building. The initiative is designed to support a literacy-based early childhood culture in Mount Vernon that promotes early learning and future school success.

An annual reunion recognizes past participants of the Parent-Child Home Program who are currently graduating from high school and college. Over the years, program graduates have been assisted with scholarship money to continue in higher education. Additionally, summer camp scholarships have enabled former program participants and their siblings to attend day camp.   

Summer Fun at Hartley Park is a drop-in playgroup for parents and family childcare providers and children under five years old. This outdoor fun-filled play space is designed to support parents as their child’s most important teacher in preparing children for school success. Summer Fun is offered two mornings a week in collaboration with Mount Vernon Library and Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation Department.

The Parent Child Center receives support from the TD Charitable Foundation.

For information about any PCHP related program or to become a Home Visitor in the program, contact:

Patrice Cuddy, Director, Parent-Child Home Program
Phone: 949-7699 ext 424   E-mail:

Contact: Rivka Gorin, Coordinator, Parent-Child Center
Phone: 914-949-7699 ext 426   E-mail:

The Parent-Child Center celebrates The Week of the Young Child at events in Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle, Port Chester and White Plains. Click here to view photos.

The Parent-Child Center sponsors "cool" Summer Fun at Hartley Park in Mt. Vernon. To view photos, click here.

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