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WJCS Center Lane is where LGBTQ+ youth create community, connect with culture, and contribute to the world! For 25 years, we have been the only program in Westchester County dedicated exclusively to serving LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-21 by providing psychoeducational programming in welcoming spaces facilitated by caring and supportive adult experts. At Center Lane programs, youth make friends, discuss issues that are important to them, problem-solve with the help of their peers, and engage as leaders. In 2019, WJCS Center Lane served a total of 2,581 people, including 1,155 youth and 1,426 adults who participated in Center Lane trainings, presentations, programming, and events throughout Westchester County. 

Center Lane is designed to reduce the isolation that many LGBTQ young people feel and promote a community culture that is supportive of LGBTQ+ youth, the center provides an opportunity for socialization, enhanced self-esteem and personal growth in an affirming place where they can be themselves, without the fear of harassment.  

Services include:

  • Weekly support groups

  • TransParentcy, a transgender support group for youth and parents

  • Recreational and social events to create community for LGBTQ+ youth, including movie days, social justice events, and holiday gatherings, most notably, our Prom.

  • Extensive community education and training in schools, youth serving agencies and social service agencies on important issues that face LGBTQ youth

  • Social justice and advocacy activities, including marching in the annual Pride March in New York City and meeting with legislators in Albany on LGBTQ rights

  • Leadership training

  • Opportunities to interact with LGBTQ and straight peers in a supportive, fun, safe and caring environment 



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The Center Lane Youth Leadership Board has been hard at work at ways to help Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Non-Conforming youth by developing 'Back to School TransHack' resources. 
Here are links to two letters or emails we have developed, one from a student's perspective, and one from a parent's perspective, of how to introduce yourself to teachers and other school staff, should wish to let them know when your name and/or pronouns do not match what school records might indicate. Click on these links for PDF versions that can be copied and pasted and then personalized and emailed or mailed.
Check back for flow-charts of ways to respond when someone misgenders you, and the ways in which the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), the law in NYS, may help you in working with your school, and some resources around that.


Center Lane is supported by funding from the New York State Department of Health and Office of Family and Children’s Services and through a grant from The Westchester Community Foundation.

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