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Bereavement Services

Assisting those coping with the loss of a loved one

Bereavement Services are offered as part of the Pathways to Care and clinical bereavement programs. Staff provides individual bereavement counseling, psychotherapy and support groups.

A Suicide Bereavement Group for family members and friends of loved ones who have committed suicide meets at WJCS Hartsdale Family Mental Health Center, 141 N. Central Avenue, Hartsdale, every other Thursday, 7:00-8:30 pm. Participants are requested to make a $5 donation per session. For Information, contact:

Gillian Rittmaster, LMSW
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 142 or

Bereavement support groups are also offered for Widows and Widowers and others dealing with loss at various times. For information about these groups, contact:   
Gillian Rittmaster, LMSW
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 142 or

All groups meet at the WJCS Headquarters, 845 N. Broadway, White Plains, unless otherwise noted. 

We also offer: 
Bereavement Support for Professional Staff, providing on-site professional consultation and support groups for bereaved WJCS staff, as well as staff at other organizations that require support services when a client or staff member has died.

On-Site Grief Counseling, offering on-site services to help people cope when a community suffers a loss that has far-reaching effects. Set up an as-needed basis at places of worship, schools, corporations or community centers, these grief counseling sessions offer support to groups that are dealing with the loss of a community member or members. 

Bereavement Support Groups can be organized for any type of loss, upon request. Programs in schools, synagogues and community centers are developed and adapted as needed. 

The Jewish Spiritual Healing Center also offers healing and spiritual support opportunities for the bereaved. 

For information about individual and clinical bereavement services and support groups, contact:

Gillian Rittmaster, LMSW
Phone:  914-761-0600 ext. 142 or