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NYNMEDIATHE INSIDE PRESSNEWSBREAK — Featured news about WJCS being awarded a $4 million grant from SAMHSA (February, 2021)

BAKING BUSINESS — Highlighted WJCS' partnership with Greyston Bakery being featured in "Community Health and Economic Prosperity: Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders" report issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the Surgeon General. (January 28, 2021)

AUSTISM SPECTRUM NEWSLee Englander, coordinator of the WJCS Autism Center, shares vital information about how parents and school districts can best support each other in providing students on the autism spectrum with what they need. (January 1, 2021) 

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NEWS — “Community-Based Mental Health Agencies Must Be a Part of the Social Determinant Solution” written by WJCS CEO Seth Diamond for the Behavioral Health News 2021 Issue. (January 1, 2021)

WESTCHESTER SENIOR VOICE—WJCS Yonkers NNORC provides support to the senior population through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. (November 20, 2020)

YPIE News—WJCS Yonkers NNORC highlighted in article about connecting seniors to students during COVID-19. (November 2, 2020)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“The Communal Trauma of Covid 19” by WJCS Marketing & Communications Director Miriam Arond (October 2020)

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NEWS — “Empowering Adults to Recognize and Respond to Youth in Suicidal Distress” written by WJCS Social Worker Ali Rainone for the Behavioral Health News Fall 2020 Issue. (October 1, 2020)

ABC NEWSWJCS bilingual social worker, Geovany Martinez shares important insights about working with teens during this critical time. (August 19, 2020)

YONKERS TIMES—Published article about COVID-19 senior services offered by the NNORC in northeast Yonkers, provided by WJCS in partnership with the Yonkers Office for the Aging. (August 8, 2020)

NONPROFIT WESTCHESTER—WJCS Center Lane featured on NonProfit Westchester website (June 17, 2020)

THE LOCAL LIVE MAMARONECK/LARCHMONT COMMUNITY NEWS SHOW—WJCS CEO Seth Diamond was a guest on LMCTV's Community Conversations and spoke about how WJCS is addressing challenges posed by Covid-19. (May 19, 2020)

PATCH.COM—Published article on how WJCS is addressing mental health needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. (May 12, 2020)

EXAMINER NEWS—Highlighted WJCS Group homes in an article about I/DD and the DSP teams who are providing such great support during the Covid-19 pandemic. (May 12, 2020)

THE JOURNAL NEWS/LOHUD.COM—LeRoy Ennis, Director of WJCS Yonkers School-based Satellite Clinics interviewed in a Journal News article by Sophie Grosserode about the mental health effects of COVID-19 on youth. (April 10, 2020)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—Feature story on the successful WJCS Virtual 2020 Gala (April, 2020)

THE LOCAL LIVE MAMARONECK/LARCHMONT COMMUNITY NEWS SHOW—Interview with WJCS Center Lane Director, Lisa Scott about the support WJCS is providing for the LGBTQ community during this time of social distancing. (April 1, 2020)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE —Featured story on WJCS being awarded a $100,000 Grant from Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (April, 2020)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE —“Compensation and Support Programs for Holocaust Survivors in Westchester” by Debbie Schrag (April, 2020)

WAG MAGAZINE—Highlighted the WJCS Virtual but Vital 2020 Gala in an article. (March 27, 2020)

WIKI EZVIDWJCS has been included in a recently published video wiki "Active American Jewish Organizations" (March 3, 2020)

SCARSDALE INQUIRER—WJCS 2020 Gala featured in print and online editions of Scarsdale Inquirer (February 19, 2020)

CRAINS—"Westchester ushers in first-of-its-kind retirement community" - article about Yonkers NNORC launch (February 20, 2020)

DAILY VOICE PLUS—WJCS Center Lane Director, Lisa Scott led a presentation on LGBTQ+ awareness and acceptance for the faculty at Byram Hills High School (January 14, 2020)

WESTCHESTER NEWS 12— WJCS Volunteer helps with Puerto Rico Relief (January 7, 2020)

SCARSDALE INQUIRER— Published about Linda Plattus’ Have a Heart for the Holidays Luncheon (December 12, 2019)

NEW YORK TIMES—“Called to Serve Children and Looking for Her Opportunity”—Moving story of WJCS client for Neediest Cases Series (December 1, 2019)

THE JOURNAL NEWSWJCS and The Yonkers Office of the Aging were awarded the Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NNORC) grant to help older residents remain at home (October 9, 2019)

AUSTISM SPECTRUM NEWS (pg.15)Barbara Greene, Director of WJCS POINT, shares how this unique program has created an important community for adults with developmental & intellectual disabilities (October 7, 2019)

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NEWS  (pg. 14) — Carol Chu-Peralta, Ph.D, staff psychologist at the WJCS Trager Lemp Center for Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience, shares the steps WJCS has taken to follow best practices of trauma informed care (September 26, 2019)

CNN CNN shared tips from Dr. Elana Spira, WJCS Director of Research and author of The Organized Child, about how to be successful in school (August 13, 2019)

FIOS 1, WESTCHESTER NEWS 12Coverage of UJA event where volunteers in Chappaqua were packing backpacks for the WJCS Back to School Drive (August 4, 2019)

SCARSDALE INQUIRER— WJCS volunteers were quoted in an article discussing the WJCS After-school program, Amazing Afternoons, coming to an end in Mount Vernon (July 2019)

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL— WJCS Center Lane is a recipient of Impact100's $100,000 Transformational Project Grant (July 15, 2019)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Support Groups for Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants” by Halina Rosenkranz (July 2019)

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NEWSRegional Director of WJCS Behavioral Health Services in Southern Westchester County Drew Mullane's article, "Licensed Practical Nurses: Furthering the Goal of Integrated Health", was featured on page 16 (Summer 2019)

YONKERS TRIBUNE, WAG, SCARSDALE INQUIRER, & WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE - Mariquita Blumberg's appointment as WJCS Board President (June 2019)

WESTCHESTER NEWS 12 —Interview with Dr. Liane Nelson, Director of WJCS’s Trager Lemp Center for Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience, about WHO’s decision to classify burnout as a medical diagnosis (May 29, 2019)

WESTCHESTERGOV.COM and DAILY VOICE — WJCS' Center Lane was recognized for outstanding contributions to public health in Westchester by the Westchester County Board of Health for the 2019 Public Health Awards (April 14, 2019)

WESTCHESTER NEWS 12 — Interview with Spirit Goodwin, WJCS Center Lane participant and Lisa Scott, Director of WJCS Center Lane on gender neutral bathrooms in Westchester schools (April 10, 2019)

YONKERS TIMES — Girls in WJCS's Mary J. Blige Center for Women & Girls received bikes and helmets at Mayor Mike Spano's 2019 Youth Bike Drive (January 21, 2019)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Cultivating Family Connection in the Digital Age” by Brenda Haas (January 2019)

PATCH.COM—“WJCS Have a Heart for the Holidays Gift Drive for Children” luncheon hosted by Scarsdale resident and WJCS Board member Linda Plattus (December 20, 2018) 

NEW YORK TIMES—“I Lost My Sight; I Didn’t Lose My Mind”—Moving story of WJCS client for Neediest Cases Series (December 24, 2018) 

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Light in the Darkness: A Chanukah Reflection” by Rabbi Pam Wax (December 2018) 

FIOS1 NEWS—Interview with Paula Santa-Donato, WJCS Young People Achieve program director and Senator David Carlucci (November 13, 2018) 

SCARSDALE INQUIRER—WJCS Mary J. Blige Center for Women & Girls and WJCS Nurturing Parents Group featured at UJA Federation of New York’s Scarsdale Women’s Fall event (November 2, 2018) 

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Mindfulness and Meditation” by Ruth Rosenblum (November 2018) 

FIOS1 NEWS—Interview with Rebecca Sigman, WJCS Director of Community Engagement, about the 2019 Westchester budget and importance of funding nonprofits (October 23, 2018) 

WVOX—Interview with Beth Thompson, Program Director of WJCS Margaret’s Place (October 19, 2018) 

THE LOCAL LIVE MAMARONECK/LARCHMONT COMMUNITY NEWS SHOW—Interview with WJCS Center Lane member Sean Foster Michael, a participant in a panel on coming out as gay (October 18, 2018) 

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“How Parents Can Help When Children Have Behavioral Problems at School” by Ellen Weisberg (October 2018)

WESTCHESTER NEWS 12 —Interview with Dr. Liane Nelson, Director of WJCS’s Trager Lemp Center for Treating Trauma & Promoting Resilience, about her personal experience and the vulnerabilities that sexual abuse victims face (September 27, 2018)

FIOS1 NEWS—Interview with Dr. Andrew Mullane, WJCS Regional Director for Behavioral Health Services, discussing increase in suicides and offering professional advice (September 21, 2018)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Rosh HaShanah” by Rabbi Michael Goldman (September 2018)

THE JOURNAL NEWS/LOHUD.COM— Interview with Paula Santa-Donato, WJCS Director of Youth Services, about Youth Mental Health First Aid (August 22, 2018)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“9 Steps to Job Seeking This Summer” by Jill Schreibman (August 2018)

HUDSON VALLEY NEWS— Jan Fisher, Former WJCS Director of Public Affairs, appointment to Westchester County's Youth Advisory Board featured (June 2018)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Enrich Your Life by Volunteering” by Rebecca Sigman (June 2018)

WESTCHESTER MAGAZINEThe WJCS Autism Center's Parent & Grandparent Support Groups were featured in the Autism Awareness Month article  (May 01, 2018)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Inclusion: Enabling all Jews to Lead Meaningful Lives” by Robin Davies-Smalls (May 2018)

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNALThe extremely successful WJCS 2018 Gala was featured (April 19, 2018)

THE JOURNAL NEWS/LOHUD.COM—The WJCS 2018 Gala was featured (April 16, 2018)

WESTCHESTER JEWISH LIFE—“Caring for Caregivers” by Sarah Lieberman (April 2018)

SCARSDALE INQUIRER, JOURNAL NEWS, AND SCARSDALE DAILY VOICE WJCS social workers were mentioned among the responders in supporting individuals affected by the death of a Scarsdale family in a Costa Rica plane crash (January 2018) 


WJCS' Ruth Rosenblum discusses the liveliness and laughter enjoyed by participants in the WJCS Wise Aging group in a bylined article in Westchester Jewish Life in January 2018. 

Allan Wilson, a WJCS client who has been helped to face down depression demons and maintain stability, was featured in The New York Times’ Neediest Cases stories in December.

WJCS Kids' Kloset's hunt for a new home was featured on News12 Westchester and in the Examiner News in December.

The Scarsdale Inquirer, December 8 issue, covered the annual holiday gift drive that WJCS Board member Linda Plattus has held for 11 years to benefit children in need in Westchester. 

Storybook Hour, the volunteer reading program for the Mt. Vernon After-School Academy, was highlighted in the Scarsdale Inquirer and its two sister publications on November 17, 2017. 

WJCS social worker Sarah Lieberman discussed the role of caregiver on Greenburgh Public Access TV during November.

Westchester Jewish Life highlighted the Havorah celebrations of Jewish traditions in the December issue.

WJCS' Pathways to Care social worker Sarah Lieberman outlines challenges faced by people living with chronic illness and the care WJCS offers them in the Westchester Jewish Life, November issue. 

Career>Connect's Jill Screibman offered tips for getting a job search in gear in the October issue of Westchester Jewish Life.

A WJCS-arranged meeting of a lifetime of a Holocaust survivor and his liberator on August 11, 2017, drew wide media coverage, including Fox5NY, FIOS1TV Lower Hudson Valley, News12 Westchester and the front page of The Examiner News.

Susan Lewen's promotion to chief development officer at WJCS was featured in the Westchester Jewish Life, August issue.

WJCS Autism Center Coordinator Lee Englander offered back-to-school tips for parents of children with special needs in a bylined article in Westchester Jewish Life's August issue.

The WJCS Parent-Child Home Program's 45-year drive to bridge the academic achievement gap for low-income preschoolers was noted by the Westchester County Business Journal in June.   

WJCS Board members Bruce Freyer and Froma Benerofe, honored at the WJCS Gala 2017, were covered in Westchester Jewish Life.

Briana Mosquera, WJCS Parent-Child Home Program graduate and Pammy Fund recipient, was featured in stories about the fund in the Westchester Community Foundation and New York Community Trust publications.

NY State Senator David Carlucci's visit to the WJCS' Young People Achieve program at Ossining High School and its success in helping reduce teen pregnancy was highlighted in the White Plains

During May Mental Health Awareness Month, WJCS shone the spotlight on Youth Mental Health First Aid, the CPR for mental health, with a bylined article in Westchester Jewish Life.

Shannon Van Loon's appointment as WJCS assistant executive director for Children, Youth and Family Services, was featured in the White Plains

The WJCS Autism Center's Project Lifesaver program was included in an April 22, 2017 Autism special segment on FOX5News during Autism Awareness Month.

Scarsdale 10583 ran a feature story on teens from Scarsdale who volunteer with WJCS programs and were recognized by Dr. Iris Pagan, director of the Westchester County Youth Bureau.The New Rochelle, Apr. 2017, highlight the WJCS Havorah seder for 150 individuals with developmental disabilities. 

WJCS' Shamar Watson, director of the Mt. Vernon After-School Academy, was captured by News12 Westchester as he spoke in support of after-school program funding at a February 21, 2017 community forum in Yonkers:

An article in Feb. 2017 issue of Westchester Jewish Life bylined by WJCS' Sheila Rabideau spotlights the range of support services WJCS offers individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Three articles in WAG Magazine, Feb. 2017, Westchester Jewish Life, Jan 2017, and The White Plains Examiner, Dec. 2016, highlighted POINT, the  WJCS and JCCA jointly managed community of young adults with developmental disabilities who learn to live independently.

WJCS' support for people with dementia and Alzheimer's was highlighted in Westchester Jewish Life, Nov. 2016, issue.  

Metropolis Country Club's $10,000 donation to WJCS Kids' Kloset was highlighted by several media outlets:
Westchester County Business Journal, NYN Daily, The White Plains Examiner, Black Westchester Magazine and the White Plains

The skilled care of WJCS home health aides was highlighted in The Record Review, Scarsdale Inquirer and the Rivertowns Enterprise in Nov. 2016.

The Pleasantville featured WJCS' Jan Fisher along with Briarcliff Manor's Superintendent of Schools discussing the importance of Youth Mental Health First Aid and the social and emotional wellness of students.

WJCS social workers were mentioned in an article in White Plains about best practices for treating severe distress, anxiety and suffering.   

WJCS CEO Alan Trager was one of seven of the county’s top nonprofit leaders 914INC Magazine selected for a candid discussion on the current state of the sector in Westchester.

WJCS was recognized with two grants from the Westchester Community Foundation for Youth Mental Health First Aid and aid to Jewish children and families.

WJCS Center Lane was one of the LGBTQ programs cited by Human Rights Campaign in awarding Yonkers and White Plains high ratings for non-discrimination policies, as covered by Westchester Magazine in October 2016.

Westchester Magazine's October issue advised readers how to help youth experiencing crises with training through WJCS Youth Mental Health First Aid.

The announcement of WJCS' new Alzheimer's Initiative was detailed in the Westchester Jewish Life, Sept. 2016.

WJCS social workers were included in a feature in The Jewish Week on the push for synagogues to focus on mental illness, Sept. 2016.

Neil Sandler's appointment as WJCS Board president was featured in the Westchester County Business Journal, August 8, 2016 and in the Journal News, August 25, 2016.

WJCS' youth programs that keep kids engaged and active during the summer were Spotlighted in the August 1 issue of Westchester County Business Journal.

Volunteers and WJCS clients in the Compeer program are proving that "good friends are good for you" and were featured in the August issue of Westchester Jewish Life.

WJCS, a member of Coordinated Behavioral Health Services, was included in the White Plains Hamlet Hub's coverage of the addition of two new CBHS partners. 

Parents of LGBTQ children often don't know how to support their children, but in the Fall issue of Behavioral Health News, Santo Barbagiovanni, director of the WJCS Center Lane program, offers some advice.

Two graduates of the WJCS Parent-Child Home Program recognize the program's impact on their success in higher educational institutions, Westchester Jewish Life, July 2016.

The Journal News, June 2016, announced New York State funding for school programs involving WJCS.

WJCS Center Lane staff and members' participation in the New York City Pride March was included in the Journal News coverage, June 2016.

A Holocaust Remembrance Celebration in which WJCS collaborated was featured in the White Plains, May 11, and the Mount Vernon Inquirer, June 2016.

The Mount Vernon Inquirer, June 2016, Westchester Jewish Life, June 2016 and White Plains, May 11, highlighted the WJCS 2016 Kids' Kloset Fashion Show, which attracted 50 models and raised funds to support the program that has donated 8,000 bags of clothing to kids in need.

WJCS Center Lane director Santo Barbagiovanni was quoted in the Scarsdale Inquirer, May 13, in a story on actions being taken in Scarsdale schools to accommodate transgender students.

The Westchester County Business Journal highlighted the appointment of WJCS new medical director Margarita Munoz-Dummit, and new HR director Milagros Rivera.   

The May issue of Westchester Jewish Life ran an article bylined by WJCS' Brenda Haas on fighting the stigma of children's mental health.

The record-setting WJCS 2016 Gala was featured in the Scarsdale Inquirer, April 15, Mt. Vernon Inquirer, May 17 and White Plains, April 14.

Investing in Change, a newsletter of the Westchester Community Foundation, profiled WJCS Center Lane program and the safe haven it provides for LGBTQ youth. 

Scarsdale Inquirer, Mar. 2016, highlighted Youth Mental Health First Aid training for the community.

A benefit concert supporting WJCS' Amazing Afternoons program was featured in Westchester Jewish Life, Mar. 2016. 

Westchester Jewish Life, Mar. 2016 included a bylined article on cultivating caring kids by WJCS' Brenda Haas.

WJCS participated in an awareness event to promote Raise the Age legislation in Albany featured in and the Hudson Valley News Network, Mar. 2016.

Journal News Columnist Phil Reisman ran a touching piece on his "favorite belle of the ball" Marci Mehler, a WJCS resident, Feb. 2016.   

WJCS' announcement of a partnership with Greyston Bakery was covered by the Journal News and NewYork Nonprofit Daily, Feb. 2016.

Children's Anxiety, how to know the signs and help was the engaging topic of a bylined article in Westchester Jewish Life, Feb. 2016. 

White Plains Daily Voice, Jan. 2016, WJCS' upcoming 2016 Gala previewed in the White Plains Daily Voice.

The Jewish Week, Jan. 2016, Melanie Szlucha gives talks that offer career advice to people over 50.

Scarsdale10583, Jan. 2016, 10th annual gift drive received over 200 toys.

Westchester Jewish Life, Jan. 2016, ran a bylined article on dealing with loss during the holidays.

WJCS' Partners in Caring and Partners in School programs were highlighted in the Harrison Daily Voice,  Jan. 2016.

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