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"Center Lane is my safe place. From the moment I first attended TransParentcy, I felt warm and welcomed, and was able to have a community of my own. When I attended Pride Camp, I not only learned much about my community but also how to live my life to the fullest. Center Lane is an amazing place and crucial for our community." 

WJCS Center Lane is where LGBTQ+ youth create community, connect with culture and contribute to the world! Our LGBTQ+ youth are uniquely impacted by isolation and anxiety, and we’re here for them, but we need your help!
Our youth are coming of age in unprecedented times. The stressors they face require nimble, expert professionals prepared to meet unexpected needs and serve youth in ground-breaking ways. 
Some youth are much happier in home school because it lets them escape the bullying they experience from peers and adults in their schools, so Center Lane is strategizing ways to build safer, more inclusive schools for them to return to. Too many are now trapped in homes without affirmation or acceptance and are losing hope that moving to college in the fall is possible, that economic independence is viable, that escape will happen. Center Lane is virtually supporting them with individual counseling and providing them with community, a connection to peers and adult mentors who believe in them now and call them by their name.
All youth are looking for a sense of belonging, so we are increasing our program offerings online to ensure they can find a safe place to be.

Long time supporters, Helen and Ira Nordlicht, have generously offered to match any and all donations up to $1000.   Please help us take advantage of opportunity to continue to support the youth of Center Lane. 
The graduating class of 2020 has lost so much - school Prom, Center Lane prom in May, graduation ceremonies - but you can help ensure they never lose Center Lane.

Thank you for choosing to support WJCS Center Lane.  

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Center Lane is Westchester's only lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) youth and community education center. Designed to reduce the isolation that many LGBTQ young people feel and promote a community culture that is supportive of LGBTQ+ youth, the center provides an opportunity for socialization, enhanced self-esteem and personal growth in an affirming place where they can be themselves, without the fear of harassment.  

Services include:

  • Weekly support groups

  • TransParentcy, a transgender support group for youth and parents

  • Recreational and social events to create community for LGBTQ+ youth, including movie days, social justice events, and holiday gatherings, most notably, our Prom.

  • Extensive community education and training in schools, youth serving agencies and social service agencies on important issues that face LGBTQ youth

  • Social justice and advocacy activities, including marching in the annual Pride March in New York City and meeting with legislators in Albany on LGBTQ rights

  • Leadership training

  • Opportunities to interact with LGBTQ and straight peers in a supportive, fun, safe and caring environment 

Center Lane also provides workshops and presentations in schools and agencies. The Center Lane OneSheet provides more details.

In 2018, over 1200 youth from Westchester, representing every racial, ethnic, religious and socio-economic background participated in Center Lane activities and workshops. In addition, we presented educational programs to over 1300 adults. Our program supports youth, allows them to be themselves and teaches them ways to be agents of change in their schools and communities. The result is a respectful, multicultural community of friends who support and empower each other through the challenges of adolescence. 

Read about some of the issues affecting LGBTQ youth in an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   

Center Lane is supported by funding from the New York State Department of Health and Office of Family and Children’s Services and through a grant from The Westchester Community Foundation.

Contact Center Lane at:     914-423-0610 or [email protected]

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