Center Lane for Educators

Center Lane provides workshops and presentations in schools and agencies. Tailored to the age and background of the audience, the training aims to deepen understanding, reduce bullying, combat misinformation and promote social justice for all. The Center Lane brochure provides more details.

Below are links to Sexual and Romantic Identities, and Gender Identities. These list include definitions that are generally agreed upon, but is not a comprehensive list. These terms and definitions are subject to change.

                                          For a list of Sexual and Romantic Identities, please click Here.

                                          For a list of Gender Identities, please click Here.

Center Lane staff and youth are available to visit schools, agencies and other institutions to present workshops and talk with students about LGBTQ issues.

Past presentations have included:


Transgender 101

Dealing with bullying

Risky behavior in LGBTQ youth

LGBTQ issues in residential treatment centers

Helping faculty/staff to become more comfortable with and
   sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ youth

Advocating for the rights of LGBTQ youth


For more information about having Center Lane staff provide a presentation to your agency, organization, company, school, etc., contact us by phone at (914) 423-0610 or by email at [email protected].  You can also submit a request by completing our Service Request FormCLICK HERE

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