Administrative Departments

These departments handle overall administrative activities that support the agency’s programs and services:


Responsible for development, research and cultivation of private philanthropy, including private foundations, fundraising events and activities. Plans and executes annual gala and year-end appeal. Also provides leadership and direction for marketing and communications.

Susan Lewen, Chief Development Officer
914-761-0600 x2219; [email protected]

Diana Eppolito, Director of Community Engagement and Donor Relations
914-761-0600 x2237; [email protected]

Charlotte Cobbs, Administrative Assistant
914-716-0600 x2203; [email protected]

Volunteer and Corporate Resource Development

Recruitment and development of volunteers is an important resource for WJCS programs and departments. Group or individual projects on a one-time or on-going basis can be created. Referrals of potential volunteers or requests for volunteers to fill particular positions can be made to the coordinator. Our volunteers are recognized at an annual event. Connections to corporate neighbors create opportunities to involve volunteers and establish contacts for special projects and grant possibilities.

Diana Eppolito, Director of Community Engagement and Donor Relations
914-761-0600 x2237; [email protected]

Jodi Maxner, VIP Coordinator
914-761-0600 x2223; [email protected]

Marketing & Communications

Responsible for enhancing WJCS' image in the community through public relations, marketing and social media programs. Also coordinates special events, creates brochures and other marketing materials.

Miriam Arond, Director, Marketing & Communications
914-761-0600 x2202; [email protected]

Grace Oshin, Digital Communications Coordinator
914-761-0600 x2204; [email protected]

Government, Foundation and Agency Relations

Responsible for fund development, research and cultivation of grant opportunities and legislative liaison. The staff works with program professionals to identify sources of public and private grants and responds to requests for proposals.

Tim Dudic, Senior Grants Manager
914-761-0600 x2343; [email protected]

Joanne Bernstein, Grants Manager 
914-761-0600 x2227; [email protected]

Facilities Management

All leased and owned sites within WJCS are developed and overseen and facility equipment and phone services obtained and monitored through this department.

Ralph Capozzi, Facilities Director
914-848-8166; [email protected]


Responsible for all billing, payment of invoices, payroll and budgetary issues, the Finance Department handles the full range of the agency's financial matters.  

Debra Feldman, Chief Financial Officer
914-761-0600 x2303; [email protected] 

Chris Nacerino, Administrative Secretary
914-761-0600 x2302; [email protected]

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department focuses its attention and services on the employees of Westchester Jewish Community Services. The multi-faceted role of the department includes: 

  • monitoring the employment process;
  • implementing effective employment-related policies, procedures and programs;
  • fostering a pleasant, safe and satisfying work environment;
  • administering employee benefit plans;
  • maintaining accurate and confidential records;
  • ensuring compliance with state and federal employment laws and regulations;
  • providing guidance and counsel on employee relations issues.
  • identifying and implementing wellness-related programs.

The Human Resources staff is customer-focused, user-friendly and available to assist with any employee and/or employment issue, benefits question and general policy interpretation.

Milagros Rivera, Director, Employee Relations, Policies & Procedures
914-761-0600 x2102; [email protected]

Norma Leon, HR Manager
914-761-0600 x2103; [email protected]

Jennifer Peterson, HR Coordinator
914-761-0600 x2130; [email protected]

Rose Honovich, Sr. HR Clerk
914-761-0600 x2122; [email protected]

Victoria Van Demark, HR Coordinator
914-761-0600 x2119; [email protected]

Cristopher Torres, HR Clerk
914-761-0600 x2171; [email protected]

Information Systems

This department handles acquisition, installation, maintenance and support of computer systems and services, including hardware, software programs, internet and e-mail. A Support Desk responds to reported problems and answers computer-related "Help" questions.  

Clive Mascarenhas, Chief Technology Officer
914-761-0600 x2111; [email protected]

Steve D'Onofrio, IT Infrastructure Support Specialist
914-761-0600 x2179 

Aaron Teplitsky, IS Support Technician
914-761-0600 x2112

Michael McCabe, IS Supervisor
914-761-0600 x2129

Luis Marrero, IS Support Technician
914-761-0600 x2178



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